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Disability RightsBroach & Stulberg, LLP provides the following services to disabled individuals, classes of disabled individual and organizations representing disabled individuals: counseling and representation in disputes over workplace discrimination and retaliation [see Employment Law Practice]; representation in administrative and judicial proceedings seeking to make public facilities and accommodations accessible to the disabled; counseling and representation in disputes over individual and group disability income policies.

Among the actions that Broach & Stulberg, LLP has undertaken on behalf of its disabled clients are the following:

  • We have represented a class of paralyzed veterans in a landmark federal court lawsuit, which led the City of New York to appropriate more than $217 million to install curb ramps for wheelchairs on every one of the City’s street corners;
  • We have represented a class of deaf and hearing impaired individuals in a federal court lawsuit, which led to a permanent injunction barring the removal of New York City’s on-street emergency call box system;
  • We are representing two disabled rights organizations challenging the construction of an inaccessible entrance to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey’s commuter rail station in Jersey City, New Jersey;
  • Administrative and judicial actions challenging employment discrimination on the basis of disability and perceived disability, and employment retaliation for complaints of such discrimination; and,
  • Administrative and judicial challenges to denials by insurance companies of applications for benefits by disabled individuals under group or individual income disability policies.