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Hourly and Commissioned EmployeesBroach & Stulberg, LLP represents hourly workers in a wide variety of industries from financial services to manufacturing, retail and sales. In addition to counseling concerning basic employment-related matters [see Employment Law Practice], the firm represents hourly employees who have been denied straight time or overtime wages due in accordance with state and federal wage and hour laws as well as those who have been misclassified as salaried employees exempt from those wage provisions under the Fair Labor Standards Act. We represent individuals as well as groups in collective actions, seeking restitution for back pay as well as damages. We also represent clients in cases involving retaliation for raising complaints about the violation of wage and hour laws.

The firm represents commissioned employees in a wide variety of matters, including discrimination and the failure to pay proper commissions. We use both statutory enforcement mechanisms and contractual provisions to recoup the compensation due to commissioned employees.