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MedicineBroach & Stulberg, LLP represents physicians employed by or affiliated with public and private medical centers, medical colleges, health maintenance organizations, private practice groups and faculty practice groups. In addition to representation concerning basic employment-related matters [see Employment Law Practice], the firm counsels these clients about matters unique to their workplaces, including:

  • Multiple, intertwined employers (e.g., hospital/medical college/faculty practice);
  • Employment, compensation, per-service and separation agreements;
  • Equity/partnership opportunity;
  • Physician duties (routine, on-call, extra-contractual);
  • Employer responsibilities (clinical support, administrative support, malpractice insurance coverage);
  • Restrictive covenants (non-competition, non-solicitation);
  • Peer review investigations and proceedings;
  • Censure, disciplinary proceedings; and
  • License/credentials denial, suspension or revocation.


The firm represents newly-graduated residents, publicly and privately-employed physicians, groups of physicians and organizations representing the interests of employed physicians.